In Service to the Tea Industry since 1968 !

Steam is used for many purposes in different Industries and prove to be very useful. For the purpose of Tea Industry, on experiment, it was established that bacteria can be effectively killed by spraying steam all over the Rolling & Fermenting rooms. We are the inventors of "Leesh" Mini Boiler.

Cylindrically shaped with DIE-pressed top. It is painted on both sides with anti-corrosion boiler paint which provides durability. The boiler is fitted with safety valves, pressure gauge, water level indicator; thermostat, spray gun with hose pipe, heavy duty industrial electric heaters, control panel fitted with contractor connected to the thermostat for automatic temperature controlled cut - out for added safety of the heaters.

Heaters are heavy duty Industrial type of 3 KW each. Gas and Wood Fired boiler is also available on request.

Easy maintenance at a very low cost is needed. Only cleaning of heaters, nozzle is advisable fortnightly. Repainting every 25 weeks is recommended to increase life of the equipment.

Technical Specification

Working Pressure 65 PSI
Power 12 KW
Floor Area 750 mm x 750 mm