In Service to the Tea Industry since 1968 !


Vibro Sorter works on the most simple mechanism for CTC Tea sorting/grading having super class specially designed Electric motor well fixed and encased in steel chamber, upper decks are just placed & clamped.

No lubrication is required. Thus reduces the cost of production and saves tea from oil hazard.

Practically no maintenance except mere watch on motor.

Only 1.5 HP or 1.1 KW for starting torque and later does not consume more than 0.6 KW.

One adjustment of eccentric weight without the use of a tool, in a matter of second, gives a wonderful result on varied circumstances and type of bulk.

Separates bulk in 8 most evenly sorted grades.

The unit is since centrally powered, it is self supported unit and does not need any foundation and thus can be shifted to the stock of the bulk.

The equipment is well finished with spray paint and the chrome plated clamps around each deck with tightening device adds to the beauty of the machine. Hence, appears as show piece in your factory.

Technical Data


1.5 HP or 1.0 KW.

Floor Area

1600 mm diameter.


1880 mm.