In Service to the Tea Industry since 1968 !

KETCO - Arnott Tea Sorter is used for Orthodox Tea Sorting or grading. We have been making these heavy duty machines since 1968:

Some of key features of the machine are:

  • IT IS DESIGNED for superior trouble free performance.
  • CRANK SHAFT is made of high quality steel fitted with self aligning ball bearings.
  • C. I. HOUSING for big end is fitted with heavy duty self aligning bearing with adequate space for grease tank in either side for self lubrication.
  • C. I. PLUMBER BLOCK heavy duty specially designed for additional space for grease tank.
  • FLY WHEEL of specially tested heavy duty cast iron for perfect balancing and free revolution.
  • CONNECTING RODS are easily adjustable, threaded at both ends with Lock-nuts.
  • SMALL END BEARING and block assembly with provision of lubrication.


Technical Data


500 R.P.M.


6 mm. only.


12 mm. in horizontal backward and forward motion.

Five numbers - fitted with high quality Stainless Steel meshes sizes

(as desired  by customers)

Sorting capacity

Up to 1000 Kgs / hr. of fine tea.


1.5 KW' / 2 H.P.