In Service to the Tea Industry since 1968 !

A unique design, Balance Green Leaf Sifter is used for sifting green leaves / Rolled tea at different stages of tea processing. The machine is suitable for sifting leaves either after withering, rolling or breaking balls, cooling processed leaves and separating unwanted particles including iron scraps.

A pair of heavy Cast Iron pedestal with top plate makes the body of the sifter. A balanced drum pulley with eccentric crank shaft is mounted on a top plate. A stainless steel (304) perforated tray with attached hopper is suspended on swing levers and is connected with connecting rods which provides the oscillating movement required for running the machine.

The tray of the Green Leaf Sifter is available with perforation in sizes 12 mm, 10 mm, 8 mm and 6.24 mm diameter holes. The desired size can be specified at the time of placing your order or else a default perforation of 10 mm dia is done.

The counter weight in the pulley is provided so that the machine requires only 1/3 H.P. Power while in full speed with tea leaves, just to overcome the initial starting torque a 1 H.P. motor is provided.

All the four housing are totally enclosed. Hence, they do not require lubrication all trough the year if properly fitted with quality grease.The silent blocks provided in the swing levers and small end housings should NEVER be greased or lubricated. Therefore, maintenance cost is Nil.

Technical Data

Power 1 HP or 1.3 KW
Floor Area 3200 mm x 1300 mm
Height 1675 mm
R.P.M 270
Gross Wt. 1260 kg.
Net Wt. 875 kg.