In Service to the Tea Industry since 1968 !

Green Tea Roaster - for processing Green Tea it is designed in such a way that steam enters through both ends of the perforated shaft.Roaster rotates at a speed of 24 R.P.M. Shaft ends are coupled with rotating Union.

200 Kg. green leaf can be charged at a time in our standard roaster. Roasters with capacity of 100 kgs & 300 kgs. per batch are also available.

It is an essential item used in tea gardens for manufacturing green tea.

After filling the Roaster with green leaves of 200 Kg. directly plucked from the garden, doors of the Roaster are closed and   switched for rotating, consequently steam lines are opened. Steaming continues for 6 to 7 minutes and within this time the leaves are boiled. If the leaves are not tender i.e. plucking after 7 days then time of Roasting will go up by one minute to one and a half minute.

Mechanical Data:


5 H.P./ 3 phase/ 1440 R.P.M for 200 kgs and 300 kgs/batch capacity and 3 HP for 100 kgs. per batch capacity

Machine RPM 24
Capacity 100 kgs/200 kgs./300 kgs green leaf per batch.