In Service to the Tea Industry since 1968 !

Pucca Tea Sorter is an orthodox tea sorting/grading machine. It renders a galloping motion which is not available in any other tea sorter. Such motion saves tea, while traveling on the screen, from shuffling and becoming grey.

The feed hopper is fixed on main L H & R H pedestals. Hence, the stored teas into the hopper, do not get grind and results in saving the bloom.

The trays are made of seasoned wood fitted with quality Stainless Steel wire mesh, all the 5 trays are of same size. Hence, these are easily inter-changeable.

The balance drum mounted on the top plate is balanced in relation to the weight of the sifting tray, hence the machine consumes hardly 0.5 H.P. even though a 1 HP electric motor is provided to cope with the initial torque.

Salient Features

  • New Heavy duty M.S. Fabricated / C.I. pedestals and top plate to provide long life to the equipment.
  • Teas do not shuffle but travel in series of hops, thus bloom is saved.
  • Feed hopper design, as explained, insures even flow of ungraded teas. It is well controlled.
  • Trays are inter-changeable easily.
  • Silent blocks keep the machine noiseless throughout its life.
  • Power consumption is negligible.
  • Trays available in different mesh sizes as required.


Technical Data


300 Approx.


1 HP Or 0.7 KW


1500 Kgs.


25 mm in hops

Floor Area

3230 mm x 1320 mm.


2100 MM.

Gross Wt.

1560 Kgs

Net Wt.

1240 Kgs.