In Service to the Tea Industry since 1968 !

In the process of tea manufacture when the green leaves are converted into black tea or made tea, one can observe that there exists various size of particles. Out of bulk, many of them do not cover marketable sizes. Those after sorting out require breaking and then re-sorting. So, for breaking these bulks Andrews Tea Breaker is necessary.

A Breaker which does not damage the quality of tea, stretch the surface of the particles and can be adjusted instantly according to the requirement, is called a"Good Breaker"."Ketco" Andrews Tea Breaker possesses these qualities.

Designed uniquely that it does not crush the teas rather the tea passes through a limited gap and gets squeezed, in the process breaks the tea lumps by pressure. Hence, teas do not GREY. Rollers can be adjusted while the machine is running by a lever provided for desired results.

Feeding should be steady and continuous for best results. Hand-feeding is never efficient. A Conveyor Drive Roller is provided with the machine which draws it's power from the machine's motor making it convenient and economical. You just need to add an Idler Roller and Cotton conveyor belt.

Rollers are designed to have flutes. These are commonly used in two designs for dealing with different types of teas i.e. Orthodox, C.T.C. and their various grades. There are two types that are commonly used, 8 fluted and 16 fluted Rollers.

Salient Features

  • It does not rub or crush the teas. Hence the bloom remains unaffected.
  • It does not "GREY" the teas.
  • Operating lever for adjustments of rollers has a wide scope.
  • Rollers can be adjusted even when the machine is running.
  • Separate drive is not required for a feed conveyor as it is provided with the machine.

Technical Data


3 H.P. or 2.2 KW.

  120 for Drive Conveyor.


60 for Rollers.


400 kgs. / hr.

Floor Area

1100mm. X 1100mm.